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121 Days
121 Days
"Found myself holding my breath"
The book was amazing ! From the first chapter it tugged at my heartstrings. And was hard to set aside to do the things I needed it was so well written. It just flowed. It pulled me in and kept me wanted to read faster. I found myself holding my breath at times in empathy and anticipation for what she was going through and would go through. What an incredible mom. Her strength and faith in her son to move mountains. So inspiring !!!!

Darlene Parsons
Incredible Reviews of 121 Days by Sadie Raymond with Todd Civin
"In spite of all the tears I shed, it was a great book"
Words alone cannot describe all that you will feel as you read this book. Corbin is a walking miracle who truly fought his way back. Sadie never gave up and her faith, love and so much support helped her through all that she had to endure. I cannot say enough to encourage you to read the book. In spite of all the tears I shed it was a great book!

Jane DeCoste Cavanaugh
"He is truly your miracle"
I just finished reading 121 Days! Sadie, such amazing strength to relive some of the toughest days of your life. I love who you are. You are such a genuine, loving, caring, phenomenal woman. As I've always said, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Your mom set the bar! Thank you for sharing Corbin's story. He is truly your miracle! I wish you and your family all the very best. So proud of you!     Kristine Rose
This book is an honest, heart felt record of a true miracle! As I read it I felt your feelings, crying, thinking no one understands how deep a mother’s love is. The inner mama bear is such a strong guttural feeling that only strong moms would understand. It is a deep binding strength that kept you going through all of the ups and downs. It is a basic, guttural feeling that only great moms would understand. It is this that kept you saying, “No, he will live.”  

It was amazing to me how many people, even those who didn’t know you or Corbin came to help! I remember when Uncle Brian and I were painting Corbin’s room in walked a young carpenter, with his wife and baby in tow. Someone asked, “Who are you?” His response, “I heard about Corbin’s story and we are here to put in the door to his room.” Brenda appeared saying, “Oh yes you are the carpenter that is coming to put in the door.” As I listened it reminded me of the Holy Family. A carpenter, his young wife, and baby Jesus. I know this sounds silly but it seemed like a small miracle that someone would appear who knew no one in the family but were complete strangers ready to help because they were moved by Corbin’s story and the needs of the family. Sadie you were so very strong! Those basic mama bear feelings, that deep connection you had with him gave him the strength and fortitude to fight!  

What a great book that every parent of a child with a brain injury should read!!! 

Kathy ​Raymond
"Heartfelt record of a true miracle"
"Best Ever Written"
"On page 63 so far, just started reading a couple hours ago. As someone who reads a bit more than the average person, about a book per week, I can say this is one of the best written I have had the pleasure to pick up. Though I don’t have children and it was never a goal in life to, I can somehow feel your experience through reading. Thank you for sharing"

No Name Provided
This STORY is incredible! It is gripping and a fast read. I would’ve finished it sooner but I often found myself needing to put it down because I could no longer read the text through the tears that filled my eyes. This story, in every chapter drew a picture. Some of those pictures had me holding my breath & hurt my heart. Some made me angry. Others had me smiling and ugly crying. As a mother of 4 in a blended family & a former bartender, I found myself being able to relate to Sadie. The entire story had me thinking of my own kids and all of the “what ifs”. & my constant thought of “how the heck do I keep them all alive???.” With 2 kids nearing the age of being able to drive and one not far behind them, it will be mandatory that they each read at least the first 4 chapters. I will hand it to my youngest when the time comes. Maybe (MAYBE) then they may not look at me like I’m “so crazy” when I read them “the script” before they leave. This story blew me away. A reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things. #121days 121 Days - Corbin Raymond's Story

Kaylee Rayney

Reviews from NetGalley

I thoroughly recommend this book. It tugs at your heart and gives intricate details to the the loved ones struggles helping those who suffered terrible accidents/events recover. I have been adjacent to such a story and this book resonated with me many others haven't. It was written in a very reader friendly and casual way. This allows anyone to read this and connect with the author and the challenges faced by those within the book.

It also touched on some of the unknown and unhappy parts of tragedies. Arguments, disagreements, and slacking in all other facets of life just to survive in the moment. How a little bit of tension can suddenly blow out of proportion at the worst moments. There was some people in the book that I truly could see parallels of in my own life and it enraged me. I also was relieved to see the story have a happy ending.
If you can handle the subject matter, I truly recommend this book.

Haley Shirley, Reviewer

Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for providing me with a digital copy of this book prior to publication in exchange for my review. 121Days: The Corbin Raymond Story of Fighting for Life ad Surviving a Traumatic Brain Injury by Sadie Raymond with Todd Civin is a well written, amazing book. It is the story of Corbin Raymond and his family and the 121 days following his serious car accident. Corbin, who was a teenager at the time of the accident fought for his life for 121 days in the ICU at Boston Children's Hospital and at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. Despite doctors telling Sadie that Corbin's chances of survival were not good and that if he did survive, his brain injuries would keep him from living a normal life, Sadie refused to accept that. This is a story of courage, faith and miracles. I highly recommend this book.

Donna Boyd, Educator

After a terrible accident and the almost sure possibility of death, Corbin Raymond lives because his mother fought for him. She fought the doctors, her ex-husband, his new wife, and exhaustion. As long as her son was still breathing, she fought. She knew next to nothing about medicine and what her son needed when this began, but during her fight, she learned., and she fought. And she won. Her son survived when the doctors said it was impossible. He survived when tests showed he wouldn't. He survived because his mother wouldn't give up. This is her incredible story of the fight to bring him back.

Wanda M. Argersinger, Reviewer

Thank you to NetGalley for the chance to read and review this book. 121 Days is a haunted recount of a story about the Raymond family, Corbin Raymond is a young teenager ready to enjoy his summer, and in the blink of an eye it all changes. His mother recounts the moments leading up to the accident, the accident and subsequent recovery. The topic isn’t easy to read, I cried a lot; a lot of moments reminded me of someone I recently almost lost due to an acquired brain injury; hearing her speak about her son reminded me of my son who’s the same age and similar enjoys sports in the same capacity as Corbin. It’s not for everyone, but if you can read this tough subject it’s worth it. Never give up hope.

- Kate Glass, NetGalley Reviewer

As a nurse who has worked in palliative and critical care, this book absolutely touched my heart and gives a real insight into what it is like for the family members of those who have suffered from an accident/traumatic event. The book completely resonated with me and made me think about previous patients and relatives I have had the chance to care for and the impact it could have caused. Thank you so much to the author, publisher and NetGalley for an early copy of this book, I would recommend.

- Chloe Bateman, NetGalley Reviewer

"They May Look at Me Like I'm Crazy"

Where do I start? The strength, positivity, courage ,determination, endurance, hope, strength, love, kindness, that you showed Corbin was so inspiring. You give a new meaning to motherhood.

I was so excited to receive the books and jump right into reading it with both feet. Right out of the gate I was shedding tears and could not put the book down. When I had to, I could not wait until I could pick it up again. I have passed my copy on to my hair dresser and when she is done it will continue to circulate. My son has a copy as well and he said "it should become a movie" we are waiting haha! If not a movie right now how about 121 Days #2? 

My mom also received a copy and she was in love with the book. Everyday we would discuss where we were in it and have conversations about it. My mother has passed it on to a neighbor and it will then get passed to my dad and so on.

Tammy Elliot

Spoiler Alert

I liked the book. He never stopped fighting for his life, even when he was in <spoiler>The ICU</spoiler>. His story really drew me in, as I was hoping he would be alright.<spoiler> 

The part where we find out that one of the teens in the car could have gotten out, but instead held Corbin’s head up so he could breathe, was sad. </spoiler> Just keep fighting through the hard times, people. Don’t give up on things or people that seem hopeless at first. You can do it! He and his mom just kept fighting bit by bit as he gradually got better. He eventually went from being the <spoiler> sickest patient to the healthiest patient.</spoiler>

Alyssa Smith, Reviewer

Wow! This book left me speechless! I can imagine being Sadie, a mom going through a break up with children and exes when her son gets in a bad accident. The family's life completely changed. The book is told from the perspective of Sadie as she navigated the healthcare system as her son's advocate day and night, all while managing family drama and raising additional children. The last few chapters had me in happy tears. I was so proud of everything Corbin had accomplished. This real-life portrayal shows you how hope can help those persevere!

Amanda Nigh, Reviewer

Wow, this book was so beautifully written. The emotion seeped through the pages and I felt like I was there with her. The worry, the fear during the earlier days, and then throughout his recovery - I was smiling at every milestone, even the tiny ones. 

The storytelling was strong, emotional and honest. This wasn’t just a memoir of Corbin recovering from his accident - it was also a story of the love Sadie has for her son and how that contributed to his miraculous recovery. 

It was so inspiring reading about Sadie’s fight for her son, how she refused to give up on him even when the doctors were telling her there was no hope. I also loved the love and dedication from the rest of his family - how they sat in the waiting room and by his bedside for days. The way they all pulled together to support Corbin and his parents was amazing and so heartwarming. I also liked how she showed the way a tragic accident like that can affect the family. Sadie didn’t shy away from anything - she discussed feeling like she was letting her other children down, the arguments and court cases from Corbin’s family and stepmother. And how an accident like this sends shock waves all the way down the family line, not just affecting the immediate family. 

Such a beautiful memoir that I believe could help other families who may sadly go through the same experience Sadie and Corbin did. Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this inspiring novel.

Charleigh Reid, Reviewer

A tale of pure love that is real, raw and completely honest.

I had the honor of receiving an advanced copy of the book and basically could not put it down for two days. The miraculous story of Corbin making it back home and well is only half the story. Sadie's account told in the most honest way possible, one I greatly appreciated, makes this book a serious page turner.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in positive stories about the human condition.

Drew Niemann
Host- A Battle Within Podcast

"Pay it Forward"