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121 Days
121 Days
TannaValliere says he might have learned how to save his cousin’s life – on the Fourth of July last year – from watching a movie.

That day in 2018, the car Valliere and his cousin, Corbin Raymond, were riding in on River Road in Boscawen went airborne, crashing into trees and seriously injuring Raymond.

Valliere reacted. He held his cousin’s head up to counter that awful gurgling sound, a sign that blood was perhaps affecting Raymond’s breathing. He wrapped himself and Raymond in a blanket while the Jaws of Life, used to extract the two Merrimack Valley High School students, both in the back seat, spilled glass all over them.

Fast forward. Raymond, who was given little chance of surviving, is doing well, but not before four months of surgeries and rehabilitation. He was the lone person seriously injured in the crash, and in September, 14 months after the crash, Valliere got his due, receiving the first-ever Civilian Lifesaver Award at the 28th annual Fire Service and EMS Awards in Concord.

Valliere reacted through instincts moments after the accident. He also says he might have had the flicker of a film stored somewhere in his mind.

“He was gurgling and I think he was choking on his own blood,” Valliere said. “I held his head up so his neck area had more of an open airway, then he stopped gurgling, so whatever I did was working. I might have seen that in a movie. I don’t know.”

This was no movie, yet Valliere was the protagonist. Last month’s ceremony recognized those who have committed themselves to community work. It also honored Valliere and his cool, spur-of-the-moment quickness and efficiency.

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Corbin Raymond and 121 Days in the News
Corbin Raymond and 121 Days in the News
Tanna Valliere at his home on Fisherville Road on Saturday, October 5, 2019. Valliere was instrumental in helping save his cousin Corbin Raymond after the two were in a 4th of July crash back in 2018 from the NH Fire and Emergency Medical Services Committee of Merit.

GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff
Tanna Valliere receives award for life saving heroics of his cousin Corbin Raymond-
Photo courtesy of  Jeffrey Hastings
Tanna Valliere and cousin Corbin Raymond celebrate at the prom
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